Whenever we labour over hair-brained ideas, inspiring projects and wayward experiments, the process of creating, decreating, recreating is one that carves out it's own course. In the use of materials, in the technique, style, execution - all so different from one project to another, we find that improvisation and the willingness to learn new things are a tremendous asset.
And in the course of the doing, we are lucky to also be learning and remembering....hmmm, somewhat dull and prosaic. Perhaps enough of the preamble - let's get to cases...

We decided we would document one of our projects for your delight and edification. And also make sure there is some sort of visual record of what it took to get from dreary and stodgy to pimped and polished. This one is not THE MOST exciting to follow, as it has an existing structure and we are up-whatevering it - not actually making from scratch. Nevertheless, it can be quite interesting to see the transformation.

So here below is pictured one of our projects - a chandelier destined for an extreme makeover - homeboy edition. This one will go in a slightly different direction to our previous forays. The idea is for a high gloss, bold, statement piece - without the intricate finery that adorns most of our pieces. There is, of course, nothing wrong with intricate finery. In fact, we are staunch advocates and propagotors of the philosophy. But we just felt like something different this time.

Below then, or alongside, or above, depending on how this blog - thing works, is the object of our beautification process - a robust, all-the-business chandelier circa a coupla decades ago. A shell of its former delightful (see there, I made a pun) self. Just longing for attention.

And so we begin...